Aquatic Safety, LLC

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Policies & Disclosures for Aquatic Safety

*Preregistration is required for all courses, walk-ins welcome but not guaranteed and only accepted if space permits. 

*Full refunds will be given up to 72 hours (3 days) prior to start of course date.

*35% cancellation fee will be charged for cancellations 72 hours (3 days) prior to course start date.

*NO refund will be given 24 hours prior to course start date.

*NO refunds will be given after course starts, for failure of course, or for not showing up.

*NO refunds will be given for any course books or pocket mask purchased.

*A $50 fee will be applied for all returned checks.  

*An additional $50 service fee will be applied for all courses requested with less than 5 participants.

*Please arrive to class early as catching up on missed material will be hard.  The doors will close 15 minutes after class starts and participant will be considered absent for class.

*For low enrollment courses, class will be canceled.  Participants will be notified and given the choice to enroll in another up coming course, or offered a full refund.


*NO refunds will be given for private swim lessons.

*For group swim lessons:  35% cancellation fee will be charged for cancellations 72 hours (3 days) prior to course start date.  If one (1) class has been attended, there will be a 35% cancellation fee as well as a $15 service charge fee.  If two (2) classes were attended, there will be a 35% cancellation fee as well as a $30 service charge fee.  NO refunds will be given after three (3) classes have been attended.

*Swim lessons missed, due to participants fault, will not be made up.

*If participant is more than 15 minutes late, swim lessons will be canceled due to participant's fault and will not be made up. 

*If instructor is unable to make a lesson, participant will be notified, and swim lessons WILL be made up. 

*Swim lessons canceled due to inclement weather will be made up ONLY if the lesson has not been taught halfway through the time allotted. 

*Swim lessons canceled due to behavioral issues will not be made up.


*At Aquatic Safety, your privacy is very important.  Any information gathered is only what you provide when you make purchases and requests. This includes your name, address, phone number, mailing address, and credit card or other bank information. This information is only to provide you the services needed to transact your purchases. It is confidential and never sold to outside vendors. Only partners (i.e. American Heart Association, American Red Cross, credit companies) have access to your information in order to complete your transaction.


*The information provided on Aquatic Safety website is presented as is and we are not held responsible for any mistakes or misprints. This includes any incorrect pricing or product descriptions. Aquatic Safety expressly disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, or any kind with respect to the website and its use. The purchaser agrees that Aquatic Safety, its officers, employees, and representatives will not be held liable for damages arising from the use of this content and its information.


Aquatic Safety LLC, instructors, and training facilities are not responsible for any participant's personal belongings. In the event of injury, I agree not to hold Aquatic Safety LLC, instructors, and training facilities responsible for any expenses that may occur, and are not responsible for any injuries that may occur.  However, I hereby authorize Aquatic Safety LLC instructors to act for me/my child according to their best judgment and ability in any emergency requiring medical attention. I also give permission to use my medical insurance coverage information if deemed appropriate. I understand that Aquatic Safety LLC has programs that are physically and emotionally demanding,  potentially dangerous, and therefore involves certain risks of physical injury. I  recognize that there is a significant risk in any activity associated with aquatics, including but not limited to: sprains and strains, wind/sunburn, hypothermia, broken bones, chipped teeth, pulled muscles, cuts, bruises, fatality, drownings, or other injury/symptoms caused by exposure to cold and/or inclement weather while participating in water sports or traveling to and from the activity site.  I recognized that all hazards and dangers associated with this activity cannot be foreseen.  I understand that I/my child will engage in activities such as water play, instruction and swimming. Knowing the inherent risks, dangers, and rigors involved in swimming lessons, water aerobics, and other pool program activities including but not limited to those caused by the terrain, the weather, my athletic and physical condition, and other participants:  I acknowledge that I/my child are physically able to engage in the moderate to vigorous activities, which the pool involves. I understand that participants will be supervised only during class hours and that I am solely responsible for inappropriate behavior in the swimming pool, classroom area or locker room areas, show disregard for Aquatic Safety LLC instructors, facility rules, become a danger to self or others, etc. I declare that I/my child are in good health and able to participate in the programs that Aquatic Safety, LLC are offering. I will inform the instructor/Aquatic Safety, LLC staff of any special needs that I have.  I agree and hereby state that I am solely responsible for my own physical and emotional well-being.  I am aware and understand that all of the program actives are strictly voluntary and it is my own choice to participate in each activity to whatever degree I deem appropriate after due consideration of my own physical health, abilities, and medical condition.   I also hereby give consent for the student registered to be photographed and all pictures will be used solely for benefit of advertisement for Aquatic Safety, LLC.  I have read and understand all refund, liability , and disclaimer policies.

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